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Food and Shelter

International premiere

Food and Shelter | Techo y comida |Dir: Juan Miguel del Castillo |Country: Spain

Jerez, 2012, Rocío is a Young single mother, without a work, she doesn’t even receive any kind of allowance or subsidy. She fights for keeping her rented apartment (with several month of debt) while provide for her 8 years old son Adrián. Shame and dread goes altogether, Rocio suffer in solitude a precarious situation that doesn’t seem to go better.

"Techo y comida" is hard but also moving and tender story. A film necessary as it shows the shame of a system which abandons people; a story that reflects how governors decisions has consequences in current people, that was the main goal of the film team. Without any grant, they build up the project with different investments and a crow-founding that went high overly its initial goal.

The film, focused on the eviction drama, wants to be a raw but also emotive and perfectly committed description of the crisis, and it rises up thanks lm to the magnificent and heartrending A performance of  Natalia de Molina (last year winner of Revelation Performance Goya Award)  who gives a human face to the crisis.

Javier Garcia Puerto



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22.11. 18:30 - Sunday

1h 30' Coca-Cola Plaza 10, Tallinn

SUB-en SUB-et

külalised: Juan Moreno (director), German Garcia Moreno (producer).

23.11. 17:00 - Monday

1h 30' Elektriteater, Tartu

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24.11. 19:15 - Tuesday

1h 30' Coca-Cola Plaza 8, Tallinn

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Country: Spain

Year: 2015

Length: 1h 30'

Language: Spanish

Producer: German Garcia, Alfred Santapau

Script: Juan Miguel del Castillo

DoP: Manuel Montero, Rodrigo Rezende

Cast: Natalia de Molina, Jaime Lopez, Mariana Cordero, Gaspar Campuzano

Production: Diversa Audiovisual

Awards and festivals: Malaga (Best Actress - Natalia de Molina, Audience Award)

  • NGO Black Nights Film Festival, Telliskivi 60A, 10412 Tallinn